Seek Adversity Through Fitness

Seeking adversity is not something most people do. Adversity is seen as a bad thing and therefore should be avoided. In the moment, adverse situations are usually difficult by nature and not particularly pleasant to be in, but they can always lead to positive outcomes if you use them to your advantage.

I’m a huge fan of seeking adversity through fitness. While people want to make their workouts easier, my goal is often to make them as hard or uncomfortable as possible. That doesn’t mean I’m looking to beat myself up on a daily basis, that wouldn’t lead to much progress longterm. There are many ways (and good reasons) to seek adversity and make it beneficial.

Our lives are generally pretty comfortable. A lot more than even 50 years ago. Unfortunately, I feel this has made us less able to deal with difficult and troubling times. Seeking adversity through fitness allows us to regain some of that mental strength we may have lost over the years. Working out, training, exercising (whatever you call it) should be uncomfortable by nature. This leads to adaptation and you get stronger, fitter and move towards your goals. Those people who are discouraged when things get challenging, often don’t make the progress they wish to.

If a cold or rainy day puts you off going for a run or the lack of equipment stops you from doing a workout, you are actually missing the point. The sunny day or that barbell you think you need is one of your “comforts” that you may not have right now (certainly in winter with gyms closed!). These are the adversities you shoudl be seeking. Those who “embrace” these adversities are the ones who build mental strength over many years. Every run in the rain, every cold basement/garage workout is forging a better mindset to be unbreakable in your everyday life.

My gym – Defy Functional Fitness – is too nice. It’s warm in winter and cooled in the summer. The equipment is all shinny, the place is clean and tidy. It’s “easy” to workout here. The gym creates a comfort around the idea that this is a place for training. And while there are many benefits to training at a gym, the closures have given people an “excuse” as to why they aren’t able to continue training. They have lost their comfort.

Seek adversity through fitness. Don’t be reckless and beat yourself up but do things that make you feel uncomfortable. Some people are comfortable doing a tough functional fitness class but the idea of going for a run brings all kinds of excuses. Try not drinking water during a potion of a workout – deal with the discomfort of a dry mouth. When you want to sit and watch Netflix, get up and do something for 20mins.

I can’t think of any negative effects of building a strong mental attitude towards adversity. Each choice to take the more difficult, less comfortable route, will add to your resiliency bank account and enable you to deal with life and it’s challenges.

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