Gifts Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts

The best gifts are the ones that you use often, didn’t know you needed or have put off buying for some reason. Buying a fitness gift for a fitness enthusiast will likely check one of those boxes.

If you have a fitness enthusiast in your life then hopefully this list will help you buy them a gift this holiday season. Feel free to share this blog with friends or family to give them ideas for yourself also!

Gym Shoes

A good pair of gym shoes are very different to a pair of running shoes. When performing gym based movements such as squats, deadlifts or jumps, you want a firmer sole that doesn’t lose power and keeps your foot stable. There are many brands out there that you can pick; Nike, Reebok, NoBull, On & a new one for me recently Vivobarefoot.

Skipping Rope

Having your own skipping rope means you can get some practice when you’re not in the gym. It also means your rope is sized to you and you can keep it in good working order. There are lots of cheap ropes you can buy but I find the speed ropes are much better for what we do. The RPM session 4.0 are what we use personally and have at the gym for sale.

Fitness Tracker

In my next blog I will go into more depth about which fitness wearables are the best for what purpose but most people like to track their fitness to measure progress. This can be tracking distances of runs/bikes, measuring HR or even tracking sleep & HRV to monitor fitness trends. Watch out for the next blog to learn more about these

Gym Bag

Having a dedicated gym bag is great and can help people be more organized and have less excuses to miss their workouts. You want one that has a few separate compartments to store sweaty clothes and shoes, plus small items such as tape and skipping ropes. King Kong Bags have a great line up.

Gym Wear

You can never have enough gym wear. Shorts, tees, socks, underwear, leggings, you name it we need it! A lot of brands are designing specific functional fitness gear which is generally more robust and handles the demands of what we do.

Coaching/Gym Membership

If you know someone who loves training but is doing it alone, hiring a coach will no doubt take their training to the next level. Joining a group of like minded individuals or working 1-1 with a professional coach to help them progress on their journey will be a fantastic gift. This could also be a gift of LIFE to someone who really needs to change their ways. As awkward as that kind of gift could be, it may be the best they ever get.

We sell gift cards HERE if you’d like to gift someone one of our services.

Some ideas for Stocking Fillers

Knee sleeves

I’ve found Rehband to be the best. The 7mm are great for heavy lifting and the 5mm for regular workouts. Make sure you buy two though as they come in singles.

Wrist wraps

There are lots of different styles depending on how much support you want. The strength wraps are what most people use. Check out these on Rogue


Protecting the hands is going to help a lot. Gymnastics movements on the pull up bar will create a lot of friction and can rip the skin on the hands. I use Bear Komplex 2 hole or Jaw Grips.

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